First, thank you for your interest in our work!

To introduce ourselves, we are a young company, started our own business in 2021.

Sorin Popa is a video creator, mainly doing fly through video presentations on Point Clouds and 3D BIM models and Andra Catias, is a data processor and also part of the TopoDOT team, as a Technical Support Engineer.

You can find more information about our work checking our website, Facebook page, Instagram page or LinkedIn page.

About the video presentations,

Sorin has almost 2 years experience in short filmmaking. He did over 100 video projects for different mobile mapping companies around the world, on site videos and point cloud & 3D BIM fly through presentations.


The prices

The prices are different, depending on the request:

Point cloud animation : 250 USD

Point cloud + CAD animation : 310 USD

Point cloud + BIM animation : 330 USD

Point cloud + CAD + BIM animation : 360 USD

List prices are net of taxes and payments in EUR are possible.

The video presentation will be between 40 seconds and 60 seconds.

To be able to do create a video presentation, we will need from you:

  • the Point Cloud cleaned and registered (Rcp, Las, E57 or Pts)
  • and/or CAD drawings referenced to the point cloud ( DWG or DXF). NUBIGON Pro supports only Line, Polyline (2D & 3D), Arc, Circle, Insert (block reference) entities
  • and/or 3D BIM file (Rvt, Obj or Skp).


We’ll be able to start working on your project more quickly if you could include in your inquiry:

  • the company name and address, and
  • contact person name and email for the contract/invoice.

For any other questions you can email Sorin Popa or contact him on the LinkedIn chat.