When is the optimal time to post on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a professional networking site, everybody knows that!

The importance of involvement in digital marketing initiatives is self-evident. Why is it vital to have a high engagement rate? Because it reveals how well people respond to your LinkedIn material. The rate at which people engage with your material is a good sign of whether they find it fascinating, resonant, and worthwhile to interact with.

Users are more engaged during business hours, according to research. As a result, you must determine when your target audience is available. And make use of it when it’s time to post!

Like we said before, LinkedIn is a social networking site for professionals. As a result, it’s no surprise that the following are the best times to post:

  • Tuesday and Thursday from 9am – 12pm;
  • Wednesday from 9am – 2pm;

While Monday marks the beginning of the work week, it isn’t the best day for publishing. Friday is also a little slower. Sunday is the worst day of the week for LinkedIn posts, so don’t post anything on that day.

What is the formula for calculating the LinkedIn engagement rate? Marketers and organizations can calculate the LinkedIn engagement rate in a variety of ways.

Digital marketing buzzwords

Let’s take a look at some of the most regularly used digital marketing buzzwords before diving into the numerous approaches to calculate LinkedIn engagement rate.

  • Engagement– Any measurable interactions with your posted social content such as shares, comments, likes, and clicks
  • Clicks– The total number of times a piece of content has been clicked on or watched
  • Shares– The total number of times a piece of content has been shared
  • Likes– The total number of times a piece of content has been liked
  • Comments– The total number of comments a piece of content has received
  • Follows– The total number of new followers acquired via a piece of content
  • Impressions– The total number of times a piece of content has been viewed
  • Total Engagement = clicks/plays + shares + likes + comments + follows

Engagement rate

Now, let’s talk about the numerous sorts of assessment methodologies for LinkedIn engagement rate, as well as their benefits and drawbacks, now that you have a fundamental understanding of these often used social media marketing phrases.

1) Engagement Rate = Total Engagements/Followers

Followers are people who may be directly exposed to your content. This form of calculation determines how engaged each follower is.

2) Engagement Rate = Total Engagements/Reaches

The amount of people who are exposed to your content is referred to as “reaches.” This method of calculation assesses engagement on a per-person basis.

3) Engagement Rate = Total Engagements/Impressions

The amount of times your material is viewed/displayed is referred to as impressions. This kind of measurement assesses engagement on a per-view/per-display basis.


The following three images represent the 90 DEGREE team’s time zone study for our hunting plan, which was centered on three main zones: Europe, Australia, and the United States of America + Canada. It’s very important to understand how the time zones are going to affect your engagement rate.

You can see the targeting time zones in those colored areas, and it’s very simple to determine the posting intervals based on the area you chose.

The yellow pinpoint is us; the 90 DEGREE team is located in Romania.

Then, you can see how many time zones you need to consider depending on the area you chose (2 for Europe, 4 for Australia and 5 for the United States of America + Canada).

At the end, is just math and time! 😎


If you find the time zones map a little hard to follow, you can choose for other methods such as

the World Clock by timeanddate.com app, or the actual www.timeanddate.com website.

It’s really simple to use, and you won’t have to worry about missing a post due to math!




LinkedIn has also some great Analytics reports based on the Visitors, Updates, Followers and Competitors!

Print them out at each end of the month and discuss them with your team!

You are going to know if your strategy is working or not, and what you need to improve!



Please let us know if you find the materials useful,

and if you’d like to have a certain topic discussed,

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