First, thank you for your interest in our work!

To introduce ourselves, we are a young company, started our own business in 2021.

Sorin Popa is a video creator, mainly doing fly through video presentations on Point Clouds and 3D BIM models and Andra Catias, is a data processor and also part of the TopoDOT team, as a Technical Support Engineer.

You can find more information about our work checking our website, Facebook page, Instagram page or LinkedIn page.

About the video presentations,

Sorin has almost 2 years experience in short filmmaking. He did over 100 video projects for different mobile mapping companies around the world, on site videos and point cloud & 3D BIM fly through presentations

Request a Quote

    We offer:

    Point cloud animation

    Point cloud + CAD animation

    Point cloud + BIM animation

    Point cloud +CAD + BIM animation


    The video presentation will be between 40 seconds and 60 seconds.

    To be able to do create a video presentation, we will need from you:

    • the Point Cloud (Rcp, Las, E57 or Pts)
    • and/or CAD drawings referenced to the point cloud ( DWG or DXF)
    • and/or 3D BIM file (Rvt or Skp).