Topodot Processing

The TopoDOT Solution

TopoDOT is an industry leading software application for extracting high quality CAD topographies, features, and 3D models from point cloud data.

TopoDOT offers the transportation industry’s most productive software for extracting topography, 3D models, GIS Assets, and more from point cloud data. But that’s not all! TopoDOT’s comprehensive tool suite allows you to establish a highly productive process to manage data, assess quality and extract CAD and GIS products exceeding your customers requirements and expectations.



The wires projects can contain different elements such as the wires, the poles and all the elements near the corridor. Beside that we can provide you with different reports, including encroachment clearance, powerline clearance, attachment clearance and powerline encroachments. A specific classification can be made according with the client requests.


Using different methods of extraction we can create a full extraction of a bridge formation including the road surfacing, foot path parapets, abutment, and the superstructure and the substructure. All the elements are going to be extracted using a high precision and the deliverables can also include different coordinate files.


From the actual point cloud, which we can also verify using specialized tools for misalignments or other anomalies, we can provide different elements such as: edge of pavement, paint stripes, sidewalks, guardrails, building outlines, ridges and eaves, vertical assets, etc. At the end of the extraction itself we can provide you an accurate terrain model (DTM) an also labeled contour lines. Every drawing can be delivered in different formats, and we can also provide coordinates files and different reports.


Rail projects can include all the main elements, elements that are going to be extracted using template extraction tool, a specialized tool. In this subject we can check the results using gauge width assessment. The rail projects can be accomplished using both Mobile LiDAR and UAV Drone data. More of that, we can provide you with ballast extraction, calculate cut and fill volume, overhead wires, etc.


Beside the pure extraction for different areas, in our company you will find different solutions for other subjects such as: monitoring and analysis. We provide processing methods for wall and other surface monitoring, pavement condition, clearances and clash detection, speed advisory or grade and cross slope analysis.